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Rochari invites you to a magical escape to the attractive world of beauty, wellness and serenity.
From the moment you walk through our door as our honored guest, our aim is to take you on a journey of tranquility whilst increasing the well-being of your body, soul, and mind.

Treat yourself and your loved ones at an unforgettable experience of senses and an incomparable beauty effect with the signature of the International Cosmetology Research Center of the French company “Phytomer”.

Please take the time to browse through our treatment menu and discover a diverse blend of sensuous spa treatments, customized to meet your needs, designed to stimulate your senses and delivered by our team of highly qualified therapists.

The Rochari Spa by Phytomer and our beauty advisors are always at your service to inform you which products are best for your own needs.

Let us take care of you!

Mykonos Spa & Wellness Center

Spa & Wellness Programmes to experience THE ROCHARI SPA BY PHYTOMER


Hydra Blue Treatment – Detox and Plumping Moisturizing

A complete and specialized treatment that has two actions. Reliefs from thirst and moisturizes in a few minutes while, at the same time, stimulates the proteins that contribute to cellular cohesion for strengthening of the skin. The innovative mask« Chauffant nettoyant” with sea zeolites, kaolin and oxygen, cleanses in depth, oxygenates and detoxifies, allowing your skin to breathe better.

A perfect combination of high effectiveness for pure, moisturized, smooth and radiant skin.

Time: 60′

Extended Youth

An anti-wrinkle –firming treatment that increases the resistance of the skin giving an extended youth. The marine macromolecules contribute to the cells restructuring and to the collagen’s and elastin’s reproduction as well. The sea retinol and hyaluronic restore the aspect of youth revealing your facial characteristics. An effective radiant-firming and smoothing wrinkles treatment with 100% natural – effective ingredients of marine resources – which reinvigorate your skin, against the deterioration of time. Ocean – Science – Beauty to the Cosmetics request.

Time: 60’

Price List

  • Hydra Blue Treatment – Time: 60′ – PRICE: 90,00€
  • Extended Youth – Time: 60’ – PRICE: 130,00€


Rochari’s Golden Veil

Τravel to the heart of the mythical city of Gold with this treatment. Golden Veil Face Treatment gives you the chance to get the most out of the anti-wrinkle and proactive properties of pure gold. This treatment reduces the depth of wrinkles by cleansing the skin. The results are intense and visible from the first application of the treatment: the signs of time are reduced, the lines soften, and the natural glow and the quality of the skin are improved.

In this treatment, Smyrna, and Lebanese mix with Gold, creating a combination of valuable active ingredients in the quest for absolute youth. Rejuvenation, shine, and well-being bring out your natural beauty. An unforgettable experience!

Time: 90’

Relax Hydration

Τhis treatment is a combination of relaxation and hydration of both, the body and the face. We start with a deep cleansing of the body with salt, corals, hazelnut oil, coconut oil, soya, nut and Oligomer (solidified sea liquid) after that we let you rest your body with a self-heating sea mud mask that alternates warmth – freshness which detoxifies the organism and at the same time we hydrate the face with the Hydra Blue Treatment. At the end we massage you with relaxing movements, using a cream that combines marine and natural elements, aiming for your relaxation and wellness.

Time: 90’

Price List

  • Rochari’s Golden Veil –  Time:  90’ – PRICE: 180,00€
  • Relax Hydration – Time: 90’ –  PRICE:170,00€


Rochari’s Signature Detox

A pleasurable treatment with a self-heating sea mud mask that alternates warmth – freshness that detoxifies the organism, and soothes muscular pains, while you feel your body lighter and relieved. The treatment begins with exfoliation, then follows a wrap with a hot sea cocoon, and finishes with the application of a refreshing product at the end. The warm therapeutic cocoon encloses and relieves your full body, removing fatigue, toxins, and swelling.

Enjoy the therapeutic massage

Time 120’

Shimmering Satin – Exfoliation and Hydration

We proceed with a deep cleansing with salts, corals and hazelnut oil, coconut oil, soya, nut, and Oligomer (solidified sea). Then apply a cream with a cocktail of marine ingredients to the whole body that restores the aquatic tone of your skin and prepares it to be safely exposed to the sun.

Time 45’

Sea Foam Massage and Soothing Mask

A uniquely relaxing experience for your body, this special treatment soothes, relaxes, and invigorates your skin, relieves tension, and offers you an inimitable sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. With natural sea sponges and a creamy–soapy cleanser a warm foamy massage is performed on the entire body for 20 minutes. It is followed by a full body wrap with a toning, soothing mask that enhances skin elasticity. The ritual is completed with the application of a cream soft as a protective veil that deeply moisturizes your skin and offers a sublime glow.

Time 60’

Sea – Champagne – Detox

A pleasurable treatment with a self-heating sea mud mask that alternates warmth – freshness that detoxifies the organism, and soothes muscular pains, while you feel your body lighter and relieved. The treatment begins with exfoliation, then follows a wrap with a hot sea cocoon, and finishes with the application of a refreshing product at the end.

Time 60’

 Champagne Thermal Algotherapy – Back –Neck & Feet Detox

It relieves and eases back, neck, and leg pain while deeply detoxifying your body. After a deep cleansing of the skin, thermal marine mud is applied to areas with tension. The thousands of warm microbubbles that are released diffuse active ingredients that relieve aches and tightened muscles. The warm therapeutic cocoon encloses and relieves your feet, removing fatigue, toxins, and swelling. The unique sensation of the “Champagne of the Sea” detoxifies and eases areas with tension enveloping you with well-being and relaxation.

Time 45’

Sultan’s Veil / Oriental Body Wrap

Authenticity with originality. The Voile de Sultan treatment blends the ingredients of the traditional woman from the East, with particularly attractive care and seductive scents. Natural clay from Morocco and Rhassoul, for millions of years, offers its cleansing, softening, firming, and rejuvenating abilities.

The delicate aromas of jasmine and rose essential oils transport you to the country with the

Thousand and One Nights…

Time 60’

Price List

  • Rochari Signature – Time 120’ – Price 190.00€
  • Shimmering Satin – Exfoliation and Hydration – Time 45’ – PRICE: 70,00€
  • Sea Foam – Massage and Soothing Mask – Time 60’ – PRICE: 90,00€
  • Sea Champagne – Detox – Time 60’ – PRICE: 100,00€
  • Champagne Thermal Algotherapy – Back, Neck, and Feet Detox – Time 45’ – PRICE: 70,00€
  • Sultan’s Veil – Oriental Body Wrap – Time 60’ – PRICE: 120,00€

HOLISTIC MASSAGES Memorable Experience

Polynesian Exotic

This ritual Massage with authentic Monoi de Tahiti, the holy oil of Polynesia is a time full of pleasure that balances the energy flow and promotes total relaxation and wellness. This precious nectar with its sophisticated fragrance flows from the head down to the feet, following the energy lines offering its soothing and purifying properties. Special Massage, deep movements with the forearms, gentle pressures, relax tired areas and absorb tension and stress while they transfer you into an exotic paradise of fragrances and colors.

Time: 60’

Creamy Candle

Through a lovely, perfumed ambiance, the massage with oil from hot candles creates a memorable experience. The subtle creamy hot candle oil slides over the body nourishing deeply the skin, while a combination of various massage pressures, stretches, and continuous movements, relaxes the muscular system and stimulates the blood microcirculation helping the body to eliminate all daily stress by inviting you into a joyful sensorial escape.

You have but to choose amongst 3 different natural perfumes, Douceur d’Orient with sandalwood – orange for complete relaxation and harmonization of senses. The charm of Andalusia, with citrus –sunflower, vetiver, for relaxation – revivification of soul, body, and mind. Perles de Philippines, with coconut, rosewood, and orange, for toning, revitalization, and amplification of energy.

Time 60’

Lava Shells Tropical

Enjoy a tropical massage with real shells of the Pacific Ocean that manifest naturally calcium ions, which are transported directly to the skin through the action of heat.

While the hot shells roll alternately over your body with strong and gentle pressures, they eliminate muscle tension, calm the nervous system, and enhance blood circulation and lymph.

Soft and subtle hints of exotic fruits, rich in Vitamin E, the oil massage soothes, nourishes, and brightens your skin. The uniqueness of Lava Shells Massage is the power of heat, touch, and scent. The receptivity between the therapist and client creates an immersive experience.

Time: 60’

Price List

  • Polynesian Exotic – Time: 60’ – PRICE: 130,00€
  • Creamy Candle – Time: 60’ – PRICE: 140,00€
  • Lava Shell Tropical – Time: 60’ – PRICE: 120,00€

Body Parts & Full Body Massages Body Massage

Head & Foot Massage

A rejuvenating head and foot massage that decongests, unblocks and re-energizes all the sensitive areas where tension builds up. Spiritual, emotional, and physical tension is removed while serenity, relaxation, and rest fill your system.

Time 45’

Back, Neck & Shoulders

Back-Neck massage is a deeply relaxing massage focusing on stress release, and muscle relief from tension in all areas around the neck and across the back. This massage relieves stress and headaches, improves circulation and posture, relaxes muscles, and improves flexibility while it can also decrease feelings of depression.

Time 30’

Legs Massage

Leg and foot massage is an incomparable pleasure, which not only relieves fatigue and leaves leg muscles and the body in tone but also is a unique relaxing procedure. This massage stimulates the muscles which are directly rubbed but also has a positive effect on the whole body, due to a huge set of reflex points. There is a huge concentration of points in the arch of the foot, which according to modern reflexology, are related to the spine. Therefore, stimulation of this area of the foot can help alleviate pain in the back and bring general relief to the body.

Time 30′

Rochari Relax

A muscular relaxing massage with essential oils of lavender and a sea cocktail ingredient that relieves signs of tension calms the nervous system and relaxes the body.

Time 30′-60′-90′

Rochari Deep Tissue

It’s a massage technique that focuses on the deeper tissues of the muscles and targets via deep pressure to relax the muscles and provide relief and well-being.

Time 30′-60’-90′

Rochari Essential

A relaxing massage all over the body and face with natural apricot oil and extracts of aromatic plants and herbs, which have therapeutic abilities appropriately chosen to suit your personal needs. It relieves headaches, and migraines provides energy, and releases endorphins, the hormones of happiness.

Time 75’

Price List

  • Head & Foot – Time 45’ –  PRICE: 70,00€
  • Back, Neck & Shoulders – Time 30’ – PRICE: 65,00€
  • Legs and Feet – Time 30′ – PRICE: 65,00€
  • Rochari Relax – Time 30′-60′ – PRICE: 70,00€-100,00€
  • Rochari Deep Tissue – Time 30′-60′-90’ – PRICE: 80,00€ -120,00€-190,00€
  • Rochari Essential – Time 75’ – PRICE: 130,00€


Information Spa & Wellness Center

Our Spa & Wellness Center is fully equipped with HammamLight therapy & Gym Center.


For Appointments please call 220


Please plan to arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to your reserved treatment time. We also encourage you for a visit to our Hammam. -Please note that a late arrival will determine the length of your treatment as all services will end at the scheduled time.


For your personal belongings, a locker can be given to you. Rochari Spa cannot accept responsibility for any loss of valuables left in Spa.


Your appointment will be confirmed by your therapist for 24 hours in advance. In case you wish to re-schedule or cancel your appointment, please notify us at least 12 hours before the scheduled time, otherwise, 50% of the total treatment price will be charged. In case of a non-show, the whole price will be charged.


The minimum age for receiving Spa treatment is 16 years and over. Do inform your therapist of any skin sensitivity or health problems
While in the Spa please keep your voice at a minimum. The Spa is a No Smoking and Non-Alcohol environment. To preserve a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, cellular phones and other electronic devices must be switched off.


Extend your treatment at home with our products which are available for sale at our Spa boutique.